Stillness In The City

What's the idea? Go to a place that is normally frantic or stressful and join together with others for a period of quiet, mindful reflection or meditation.

stillness in the city 1000.jpg

Here's a lovely example of a meditation flash mob in the centre of London:

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Kindness On The Street

What's the idea? Find somewhere local where people rarely take time to talk or help each other. Then do acts of kindness - large or small - for people you meet. 

kindness on the street 1000.jpg

This video shows examples of five simple everyday acts of kindness:

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Music In Grey Places

What's the idea? Go to somewhere that's normally a bit grey and unhappy - perhaps a job centre, dreary office or care home - are share some music to lift the mood.

music in grey places 1000.jpg

Here's a beautiful video of unexpected singing in a Spanish unemployment centre:

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