Cheer Your Happy Heroes

Cheer your Happy Heroes and tell us what they do to bring happiness to others.


Whether it’s a loved one or a generous colleague, the cheerful person who sells you your morning coffee or the kind stranger at the station who offers you their seat, we all have Happy Heroes in our lives who bring us happiness, and we all have the power to be one ourselves. Whether its one person or a whole organisation, Cheer your Happy Hero and shine a light on those who bring happiness to others.



14 year old Tallia Storm became a global star after being discovered by Sir Elton John and asked to sing live at his gig.

She has recorded an exclusive video to sing her support for the International Day of Happiness and to celebrate #HappyHeroes everywhere. Tallia's own Happy Heroes include Sir Elton John, Ella Fitzgerald and her family.


Our Happy Heroes

Check out some of our Happy Heroes - the special people and organisations who go above and beyond to bring happiness to the lives of others.